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What’s the Deal with Brazil?

I recently attended an event that took place on February 27, 2013 in the Caldwell Lounge at NC State University.  It was a Brazilian showcase where many interesting things were shared about the country including history, geography, lifestyle, etc…  On first arrival each new person of the audience, including me, was given a bracelet with letters and words on them that I cannot read and told to make two wishes.  I am still unsure as to what the purpose of this was but was told by another attendee that she thought the bracelet had to be ripped off or something for the wishes to come true.  She did not know and neither do I but getting past that confusion there was a Brazilian women presenting a slide show.

I first picked up on the capital of Brazil which is Brasilia.  She was from south Brazil and shared some of the beautiful attractions and sights to view there.  The Itaipu dam is the world’s largest hydroelectric facility and a very nice structure that produces around six times the amount of energy as the Hoover dam.  The Iguazu falls are amazing and very appealing to the eye and a great tourist attractions for those seeking to visit.  She described southern Brazil as a place where people relax and enjoy going to the beach but says that this may be different up north.

“Brazilians know how to party,” she claims.  One of the most famous cities in Brazil is Rio de Jinero where many events are held and famous sights like the Christ the Redeemer statue and summer Olympics stadium belong to.  The most well known Brazilian holiday includes Carnival.  Carnival is an annual festival where people wear colorful masks, feathers and costumes and thousands of people dance to music.  There was a mannequin at this showcase that showed a typical outfit of a women for this event.  There are also parades held and attended as many close shop and come out to celebrate life.  Frevo is the type of music and dance they enjoy at this event.  Trio Electro is a kind of truck or float equipped with high power sound system on the roof that plays for the cloud.  These were created specifically for Carnival and now used in similar events in other districts and countries.  It is not all fun and games however.  When looking at a night time picture of the hills of Rio de Jinero the lights that are seen are actually the favelas, also known as the slums, where poverty is prevalent.

Brazilian diet consists of three main meals as well: breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Their biggest meal of the day is lunch unlike in the US where our biggest meal is usually dinner.  Dinner is actually lighter in Brazil.  Some of the food includes churrasco which is pretty much a type of BBQ, Feijoada which is black beans stewed with a variety of meats, Caipirinha known as the national cocktail, and Brigadeiro which is a chocolate bonbon and served at children’s birthday parties.

The big sport and source of entertainment in Brazil is soccer!  People are very fanatic and passionate for their country at sometimes fight and cause riots at the stadiums and in the streets.  Brazil seems to have many reasons for everyone to visit if they ever get the chance.



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